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If you don't see an opening on the booking calendar for the WORKSHOP you'd like to join, please reach out and let us know what time works for your schedule & the studio will get back to you. We strive to find a time to fly with you!

*There are only 2 available hammocks for the workshops in this studio. Both spots must be filled in order for the workshops to be held, so convince a friend or family member to sign up with you and let's fly!*

Aerial Yoga Fundamentals Workshop
(YA approved for 3 CE hours)


If you are new to Aerial Yoga, then this workshop is for you! Learn how to use a silk fabric, or Aerial Hammock, as a supportive prop, along with terminology, anatomy & physiology, fabric theory, & practice the fundamental poses. Receive a Certificate of Completion for 3 CE Hours approved by Yoga Alliance upon successful completion.

--- 1 hour in (AP) Anatomy & Physiology
--- 2 hours in (TTP) How to do (practice) yoga

Aerial Arts Double Point Hammock Workshop

Belay (Knot Pose)


Kids Aerial Yoga Workshop
(For ages 5 & up)
<60 min>


This workshop is for kids that are new to Aerial Yoga or need a refresher. The kiddos will get introduced to the hammock, so they can use it as a fun and safe prop for mindful stretches and for some fun and games. We will practice our yogi breaths and of course, class will end with relaxation time, usually wrapped up in their cozy cocoon!

Family Aerial Yoga Workshop: Adult & Child
(For ages 4 & up)
<60 min>

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 11.37_edited.jpg

Do you want to spend some quality, mindful time with your little one, filled with lots of fun and laughter? Then this is the workshop for you! We'll practice some breath work, do some mindful movements, try some partner poses, and don't forget, we'll have time for some fun & games! Of course, class will end with Savasana, or relaxation time.

Couples Aerial Yoga
<60 min>

Parter Aerial Yoga

Spend some quality time with your partner. You'll stretch together, breathe together, invert upside down together, climb together, laugh together, and relax together!

We'll start off practicing the mindful movements so each participant has their own hammock. Then you'll share one hammock with your partner to move as one unit and try some partner aerial poses!

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