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  • 1 Private Lesson

  • 5 or 10  Private Lessons Package

  • *Private Lesson Packages are non-transferable and non-refundable & expires 6 months from the date of purchase.​*

  • **Private Lessons for 2 students at a time are limited to kids/tweens, due to the small, intimate space of the studio.** 

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Aerial Yoga is for kiddos that want to explore creative movement with the hammock in a safe and fun environment. The atmosphere is playful with fun and games, while still learning about the breath & being present in the moment.  And of course, class always ends with a cozy relaxation time.
For ages 5 & up.


Aerial Arts is for kids & tweens who are interested in training on a serious level to perform aerial dance routines, create advanced hammock shapes and poses, and do all the advanced flips & tricks the Aerial Hammock has to offer. The atmosphere is not as playful as Aerial Yoga sessions, due to the nature of the seriously advanced skills and movements that are associated with Aerial Arts. If the kiddos are sincere in wanting to deepen their Aerial training, these sessions are for them! And of course, class ends with a cozy relaxation time. 
For ages 7 & up.



I am the parent/guardian of the child participating in Aerial Yoga/ Aerial Arts. What are my options during the session?

1. I would like to stay in the studio with my child.


The studio is a small, intimate space within a residential home, so unfortunately, there is no official lobby. However, if desired, there is a space to kick back, and relax for the hour. Please note if seated here, there is no physical view of the Aerial Room since it is around the corner and we respectfully ask that you try not to peek or try to interact with your child, as it will disrupt the lesson. Thank you. 

2. I would like to watch my child during the session.


If you prefer to see all the fun and mindful movements that are happening, then you have the option to see through the studio from the 2 large windows that shows the Aerial Room. The catch is, you'll have to watch externally, from outside the studio, looking in. We realize looking in from outside the windows, is not the most ideal situation, so there is an option for the kids to perform what they learned after the last session in their 5 or 10 class package. 


3. I would like to drop off my child then pick my child up after the session ends. 

Alternatively, you can drop your child off and then spend the hour as you wish, running errands, etc. If this option is for you, please be mindful of the time. We ask that you drop the kiddos off at the earliest 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson begins, and at the very latest, 5 minutes after the scheduled lesson ends. Thank you.

I would like to see what my child has learned with the Aerial Hammock. What are my options?

Hammock time is strictly over after the class ends. However, after the 5th or 10th lesson in the package, if desired, your child may demonstrate a few fly poses or perform an aerial routine for you to watch to show off everything they have learned!

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