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What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a hybrid type of yoga that combines elements of traditional yoga poses (such as Hatha), pilates, aerial circus arts, dance, and gymnastics, with the use of a silk fabric, or Aerial Hammock, as a supportive prop. The hammock helps you to move more freely by counteracting gravity, which helps to achieve yoga positions with more ease, such as inversions.  Classes can range from completely restorative to a very demanding, intense workout, just depending on how the hammock is used. Either way, the support the hammock gives, allows us to connect our breath to our movements. You have your choice between a high hammock class where the hammock is suspended at hip height or a low hammock class where it is very close to the ground.

What is Aerial Arts?

Aerial Arts is a type of practice or performance where artists use an apparatus to do advanced tricks, climbs, wraps, drops, and poses, or to perform aerial dance routines. The apparatus used in this studio is the Double Point Aerial Hammock.

***Since the studio has low ceilings, the hammock will be suspended as if it was a low hammock class (perhaps even lower) to maximize the amount of fabric we have to work with.***

I am new to Aerial Yoga. What class should I start with?

We recommend taking the Aerial Yoga Fundamentals Workshop, which is Yoga Alliance approved for 3 CE hours (1 hour in AP and 2 hours in TTP). Alternatively, you can schedule a private lesson with Grace and she will take great care of you!

Which of your classes is best suited for me?

There are no weekly classes with a regular monthly schedule at this studio. However, there are one day workshops and private lessons available to suit your level: Aerial Yoga (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) or Aerial Arts.

I am the parent/guardian of the child participating in Aerial Yoga/ Aerial Arts. What are my options during the session?

1. I would like to stay in the studio with my child.


The studio is a small, intimate space within a residential home, so unfortunately, there is no official lobby. However, if desired, there is a space to kick back, and relax for the hour. Please note if seated here, there is no physical view of the Aerial Room since it is around the corner and we respectfully ask that you try not to peek or try to interact with your child, as it will disrupt the lesson. Thank you. 

2. I would like to watch my child during the session.


If you prefer to see all the fun and mindful movements that are happening, then you have the option to see through the studio from the 2 large windows that shows the Aerial Room. The catch is, you'll have to watch externally, from outside the studio, looking in. We realize looking in from outside the windows, is not the most ideal situation, so there is an option for the kids to perform what they learned after the last session in their 5 or 10 class package. 


3. I would like to drop off my child then pick my child up after the session ends. 

Alternatively, you can drop your child off and then spend the hour as you wish, running errands, etc. If this option is for you, please be mindful of the time. We ask that you drop the kiddos off at the earliest 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson begins, and at the very latest, 5 minutes after the scheduled lesson ends. Thank you.

I would like to see what my child has learned with the Aerial Hammock. What are my options?

Hammock time is strictly over after the class ends. However, after the 5th or 10th lesson in the package, if desired, your child may demonstrate a few fly poses or perform an aerial routine for you to watch to show off everything they have learned!

How do I register for a service?

Click on the "Book Online" tab at the top of the website. Choose the service that you would like to participate in and proceed to checkout. 

How far in advance can I book a service on the booking calendar?

We accept reservations 14 days in advance. If it is more than 14 days ahead, and you still wish to reserve your flight for a special occasion, please reach out to the studio with your request, and we will do our best to make the accommodations!

I want to book a Workshop but the booking calendar has no openings.

In order to book a workshop or aerial series, two hammocks must be reserved. Given you have a friend or family member to join you, then please contact us to let us know your preferred time. The studio strives to make it work with your schedule!

How should I prepare for an Aerial Yoga or Aerial Arts class?

  1. Please do not wear any jewelry (specifically: rings, bracelets, dangling earrings & necklaces), especially if it is sharp or loose. This is for your safety and to protect the aerial hammocks. Also, please do not wear anything with zippers, metal fasteners, or any other materials that could potentially rip the fabric. We thank you in advance for understanding and for your cooperation.

  2. If it is your first time at this studio, please come 5-10 minutes early to fill out the waiver and to learn how to adjust the height of your hammock.

  3. Come to class on a light stomach, so avoid eating anything heavy 2 hours before class. 

  4. We provide mats, and all the yoga props you'll need, but if you prefer, you may bring your own mat.

What should I wear?

Generally, you want to avoid rubbing your skin against the fabric (ouch hammock burn!) so wear clothes that cover your torso, armpits, back of the knees, and torso (belly area). The attire should be form fitting rather than loose attire because the clothes can get caught in the hammock or your body can become exposed when inverted upside down. Plus, you don’t want your clothes to move out of position when the fabric compresses around you, so you have that one more extra layer of “protection”.

Is there a weight limit?

We believe Aerial Yoga is accessible and available for every one and every body. However, since this is a private studio inside a residential house, the framing had to be reconstructed and designed for safety and security by professional and certified engineers and contractors. The newly made suspension system now securely supports 1000 pounds.  Also the hammocks used at the studio were purchased from “Uplift Active” and states that the hammock set is “intended for use by users 350lbs and below.”

That looks hard. Are you sure I can do Aerial Yoga?

YES!!! Our lead instructor, Grace has over 8 years of experience in the Aerial World and over 5 years of experience teaching Aerial Yoga in several studios across the world to all ages: kids, tweens, and adults. This means she has taught over thousands of first timers how to fly successfully and safely. Take a look at the gallery in the instructor's page to see the class memories from Grace's previous classes to see how everyone overcame their fear and flew! But now it is your turn to fly. And YES the hammock will hold you!

I purchased a 5 or 10 private lessons package but I can only reserve the 1st lesson. How do I book the rest of my lessons and do they expire?

After you book your first lesson on the booking calendar, then please contact us directly by email or phone to schedule the rest of your lessons in your package. Or when you meet the instructor for the first lesson, you can directly discuss in-person when you'd like to schedule the rest of your sessions in your package. The packages are non-transferable and non-refundable and expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

I am pregnant. Can I practice Aerial Yoga?

In general, it is told that practicing anything aerial while pregnant can be very dangerous. If you already have an aerial practice, then it is recommended to wait until after your first trimester. Then with your doctor's approval, and with the intention of going to an aerial yoga class for pregnant women by a qualified professional, then you may consider to practice again in your third trimester. The hammock is an amazing prop for deep squatting support and for using it on your belly to take pressure off of your low back.

Why should I practice at this studio?

This studio is inside a residential home with 8ft ceilings. We understand the space is small and intimate for it to be considered a conventional aerial studio. The aerial movements are limited, as in with the amount of spinning, swinging, and with aerial drops, compared to other larger aerial studios. That being said, we are so proud to have the leading instructor in the whole Aerial Hammock Universe, Grace, exclusively with us, to help you fly! She is truly an expert at what she does, so you don't want to miss your chance to practice with her! It doesn't matter where you fly, it just matters that you fly with Grace.

Why should I practice with Grace Hana Park?

Presently, there is no official accrediting body for Aerial Yoga & Aerial Arts, like there is Yoga Alliance for Yoga, so unfortunately there is no way to define the level or experience of our aerial instructors. However, the aerial community on the social media platform is so strong, that aerialists are being recognized worldwide. Rest assured, although our instructors are not a part of any certifying body for Aerial Yoga or Aerial Arts (yet), our lead instructor has proven herself in the industry for years, gaining the acknowledgment of other top-tier aerial professionals on an international scale. Check out the global pictures in the gallery for all the Aerial Hammock mindful movements she inspires on a daily basis. 

Grace is sincerely so passionate in sharing her love for flying, so if you want to learn Aerial Yoga or Aerial Arts, this is who you want to learn from. She genuinely cares and personalizes the instruction for each of her students. She can pinpoint what you need to work on to execute a pose to its fullest potential. For instance, she can determine the proper fabric placement on your body for specific movements and choreograph performance-level like gestures for a sequence to transform you into a stunning performing artist. She can teach any level with the Double Point Aerial Hammock: from high to low hammock, to restorative and gentle Aerial Yoga to performance level Aerial Arts, available to all ages from kids and adults. So what are you waiting for? Start flying today~ You won't regret it! And your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it.

Can I cancel my purchase and receive a refund?

There are no refunds. Sales are final so please ensure you are ready to commit to your purchase. 

If it is a in-studio or virtual private session, then please let us know 24 hours in advance to reschedule.

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