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MARCH 2022:

What's Included?

  • 1 Aerial Hammock Fundamentals Workshop (YA accredited and 2 CE credit)

  • 10 Aerial Yoga Classes (High Hammock & Low Hammock)

  • 3 Aerial Arts Classes (The hammock will be suspended so it is set up as a low hammock to increase the amount of fabric we have to work with since the studio has low ceilings.)

*Class recordings will be available for March Members only.*

*All classes, even Aerial Arts, will start with a short meditation and end with savasana.* 


Aerial Hammock Fundamentals Workshop <2 Hours>
*Yoga Alliance accredited with 2 CE credits)

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 10am CST

Are you completely new to Aerial Yoga? Absolutely no worries! Grace has your back! You'll get introduced to the versatile hammock: how to use it as a supportive prop for Aerial Yoga and as an apparatus for Aerial Arts. You will learn about the terminology that goes with the aerial universe, anatomy, fabric theory, and of course, practice the basic fundamental poses (for high and low hammock classes) so you can join in the online beginner classes! Even if you aren't brand new to the practice, we recommend to join if you'd like a refresher, or to just deepen your knowledge about the hammock because you'll automatically receive the Aerial Hammock Fundamentals Book with a plethora of knowlede. 

Click below to see some basic fundamental poses in Aerial Yoga.

*Even though these poses are considered "basic" it could still take time to execute these poses without it feeling awkward and uncomfortable and may take some time to even achieve them. But don't worry, with Grace's expert help, she will get you there! 


Aerial Yoga: Beginner

High Hammock: March 3, March 11 at 10am CST
Low Hammock: March 8, March 18 at 10am CST

Although the majority of aerial yoga studios already highlight the physical benefits of improving strength and flexibility, which is no doubt so important, what is never really emphasized is the fabric theory behind Aerial Yoga. You can be an Olympian athlete and still be a beginner aerialist. Why? Because of the lack of knowledge of fabric theory, in particular for the beginners though, the lack of fabric compression tolerance. So in these beginner classes, it will help to have an open mind in understanding that each body needs their own amount of time to get used to fabric compression no matter how strong or flexible you are.

Click below to see the different types of skills and poses in beginner level classes.


Aerial Yoga: Intermediate

High Hammock: March 4, March 15 at 10am CST
Low Hammock: March 10, March 22 at 10am CST

This picture may not look like much. But for those that know, KNOW. You aren't just merely standing on the hammock. Look at those hand grips and that foot work ! With social media hyping up Aerial Yoga & Aerial Arts, it makes everything look so easy but it takes a lot of hard word and dedication. 

Now that you feel somewhat "comfortable" enough with the hammock's compression around your body, then we will use that "comfort" to work on other aerial skills:  wrapping, climbing, turning, and flipping. 

Click below to see the different types of skills and poses in intermediate level classes. 


Aerial Yoga: Advanced

High Hammock: March 17 at 10am CST
Low Hammock: March 24 at 10am CST

You now have now acquired a ton of fabric compression tolerance, strength, and flexibility from all your hard word from the beginner and intermediate classes. Now we'll use that core strength and arm strength to work on more complex wraps around the body, aerial circus transitions from one pose to the other, and longer advanced aerial sequences that take more endurance. 

Click below to see the different types of skills and poses in advanced level classes. 


Aerial Arts: Hammock

Low Hammock at 10am CST

March 25: Crossback/Georgia Twist

March 29: Belay (Knot Pose)

March 31: Hammock Skirts

Since the studio has a low ceiling, to increase the amount of fabric we have to work with, the hammock will be suspended as if it was a low hammock class.

We will work on some of the different entrances into crossback and belay pose and practice creating different types of hammock skirts. 

Click below to see the different types of entrances and poses in Aerial Arts.

March Member 2022: Classes
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