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AYTT: Level 1
July 2023

Invest in your education & self-care to thrive not only as an Aerial Yoga Teacher, but thrive in all aspects of your life~!


Regardless of experience of Yoga or Aerial Yoga, anyone & everyone is welcome to & encouraged to join.


However all trainees are required to sign the  

FWGYS Trainee Agreement before officially participating. 

  • For brand new 1st time flyers who were always interested in Aerial Yoga, but too scared try or (insert other excuse).

  • For those who want to try something new, step out of their comfort zone, get to know themselves better, & strengthen connections with other amazing people, and yourself (the most important connection of all).

  • For Yoga Practitioners & Instructors who desire to elevate their Mat Practice.

  • For those who dream & aspire to be an Aerial Yoga Teacher to empower others to spread their wings & fly.

  • For Aerialists & Aerial Yoga Instructors who desire to deepen their understanding & self-practice with the Aerial Hammock.

AYTT: LEVEL 1 Curriculum

1.  Fundamentals of Aerial Yoga

2.  Fundamentals of FWGYS

3.  Basic Anatomy & Physiology

4.  Grips

5.  Proper Fabric Placement 

6. Aerial Yoga Asana Practice

7. Teaching Methodology: Teach What I Know

8.  Philosophy: Introduction to 8 Limbs of Aerial Yoga

Requirements for Graduation
Yoga Alliance approved for 50 CE Hours with Certificate of Completion

  • completed 40 hour contact hours including:

    • 1 hour class observation ​

    • 1 hour class assist

    • 1 hour teaching community class

  • completed 10 hours non-contact hours

  • pass multiple choice, true/false test (>80%, unlimited attempts)

  • fully paid tuition 



  • Early Bird : $1850 (until 05/27)

  • Regular : $2200

  • Evaluation Test to receive Certificate to Teach by FWGYS : $50


  • Day : Saturdays & Sundays of July 2023 <except the 1st weekend of July>

    • July 8,9,15,16,22,23,29, 30​

  • Time : 1pm ~ 6pm​


  • Hosting Location : Moonshine Yoga (Cedar Park, TX) 

  • Address : 2251 S Bagdad Rd Suite 201, Cedar Park, TX 78613

  • Lead Instructor : Grace Hana Park

  • Trainees : 8 Hammocks Available ~ Join now ! 



  • With limited spaces available, there is a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure my hammock due to limited availability that is due14 days before the 1st day of training. 

  • Although no human being reserves their place in an AYTT with the intention of cancelling/being absent during training time, there are no cancellations or refunds. Think carefully before investing into the most effective, life-changing Aerial Yoga program that the world has to offer!

  • Installment plans available for Regular Tuition Price ($2200 plus a few dollars as time increases).

    • PLAN A: $567 per month <3 months > total:$2201

    • PLAN B: $284 per month <6 months > total: $2204

    • PLAN C: $190 per month <9 months > total: $2210

  • ​Trainees cannot receive any Certificate of Completion or Certificate to Teach until full payment is successfully received.

  • Available only upon request. Please contact for more information.  


1.   What if I am brand new to Aerial Yoga? 

  • AYTT: Level 1 is for everybody. However, I am fully aware that if I have previous experiences with Aerial Yoga, or if I am certified with a Yoga Instructor Certification, Pilates Certification, Personal Training Certification, Physical Therapist Certification, or if I am certified with other similar certifications from accredited institutes within the health, wellness, and fitness industry, then it is more likely that introducing physical body movements using proper FWGYS technique with an Aerial Hammock (a silk fabric used as a supportive prop that hangs down from a suspension system) will more likely be accessible for me to add into my fitness routine; compared to if I am not certified with a certification from accredited institutes within the health, wellness, and fitness industry.

2.   What if I just want to join and not become an Aerial Yoga Instructor?

  • That is totally okay and encouraged as well! The only difference will be that I do not have to pay the $50 Evaluation Test.

3.   What does it mean to receive a Certificate to Teach certified by FWGYS ?

  • Presently, there is no accredited governing authority for Aerial Yoga/Aerial Arts like there is Yoga Alliance for Yoga. However, rest assured, being certified to teach through FWGYS is recognized world wide to teach at all aerial yoga studios globally.

  • Although I may be certified to teach Aerial Yoga: Level 1, I realize that all Aerial Yoga Studios have their own requirements to teach. Some studios may require a separate 200 RYT certification or some studios may require extra Aerial Apprentice Hours, which is a continued training program to refine teaching skills by continuing to develop and strengthen the unique style and teaching voice that each human soul has to offer other beings.

  • I understand that there are unlimited attempts to take the evaluation test, but in order to take the test, an additional fee of $50 is required.

  • For financial assistance for the test fee, contact

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