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(YA approved for 2 CE non-contact hours)

Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 3PM CST
with Grace Hana Park

Are you new to Aerial Yoga? Absolutely no worries! You'll get introduced to the versatile hammock: how to use it as a supportive prop for Aerial Yoga and as an apparatus for Aerial Arts. You will learn about the terminology that goes with the aerial universe, anatomy, fabric theory, and of course, practice the most basic fundamental poses (for high and low hammock classes).

Even if you aren't brand new to the practice, we recommend to join! It will be a nice refresher for fellow aerial instructors and a firm confirmation that you are properly practicing aerial for self-taught aerialists. No matter what though, it will immensely deepen your knowledge and understanding about the hammock. By joining, you'll automatically receive the link to download the Aerial Hammock Fundamentals Book written by Grace Hana Park. 

*Please keep in mind that even though the fundamental poses are considered "basic" it could still take time to execute these poses without it feeling awkward and uncomfortable; and may take some time to even achieve the poses (in particular, monkey pose and hip hang). No need to worry though, with Grace's expert help, she will get you there! The workshop is listed as 2 hours long, but Grace will be available after the workshop ends to ensure every single person's question is answered fully and clearly. She is there for you!*

Online : Classes


  • Aerial Hammock Rigging Hardware

  • Benefits, Precautions, & Contraindications

  • Terminology & Fabric Theory 

  • Anatomy & Physiology

    • Lymphatic Drainage & Myofascial Release​

  • Setting Up the Hammock Height

      (High & Low Hammock)

  • Fundamental Poses (High & Low Hammock)

  • Grips & Essential Skills (Transitions/Drills)

  • Fabric Compression Modifications

  • How to kick and turn? And with no swing? Join in to find out~!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Online Aerial Hammock Fundamentals Workshop on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 3pm CST?

Click the "book now" button that is shown above or click the tab at the top of the website that that says "Book Online." Then find the tab that says "Join Online March 5" and proceed to checkout.

What do I need to join?

You will need a secure suspension system for your aerial hammock, either a portable aerial rig, or professionally installed hammock anchors or ceiling mount hooks. The framing is unique for each user, (steel beams, wood framing, etc.), so consult a professional near you to find the best solution.

After you have the suspension system, now you need the aerial hammock hardware. The studio's ceiling is just over 8 feet. For a hammock set at hip height, you will need a fabric that is at least 5.5 yards long, or when you are standing on top of the loop,  you have enough fabric on the posts so that your arms are completely straight when holding on. 

For a low hammock setting, you will need a fabric that is at least 7 yards, or when you are standing on the loop, your hands can grab the posts with straight arms and you still have about a foot of fabric above you on the post to the bowline knot. 

Where can I purchase the equipment needed to join?

Aerial Essentials is the lead instructor's go-to store. Please use her affiliate link to support her if you decide you like this store! Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, the affiliate link does not work for the portable rig.

If a portable rig is what you are looking for, Grace purchased the Yogabody Yoga Trapeze Stand. However, if you can afford the few extra hundred, then the Uplift Active aerial rig will provide you with a little more fabric to work with since you can hang your aerial hammock from the top beam.

How do I register my 2 CE hours?

Upon successful completion of the workshop, which means you passed the  "quiz" which you can retake as many times as you would like, then Grace will send you a signed certificate of completion, which you can then register with Yoga Alliance.

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