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Private Home Studio

Fly with Grace Yoga Studio is a private home Aerial and Mat Yoga studio that belongs to two curious and loving cats, Ruby & Cash. They are gracious enough to let us use their sacred fly space and may even join us as we take flight. Please be cautious if you have any cat allergies. If requested, the cats can be put into their personal cozy, luxurious room located far away from the studio during class time.

The suspension system for the 3 Aerial Hammocks was designed and installed by professional and certified structural engineers and contractors, so the studio is completely secure and safe for our flight time. All you need to do is show up~ Let’s Fly!

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Jumping Cash
Flying Cash
Flying Cash, Waiting Ruby


3 Aerial Hammocks
3 Aerial Hammocks
Parent Waiting Zone with Coffee/Tea
Parent Waiting Zone with Coffee/Tea
Aerial & Mat Yoga Certifications
Hallway with Bathroom
All the Yoga Props & Personal Lockers
Personal Lockers for Belongings
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