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*March 2022 Online Membership*

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a March 2022 Online Member?

You'll get a sense of what each level of Aerial Yoga encompasses and guaranteed you'll learn so much and deepen your practice with just a month with me. If you can't join the live class, the recording will be saved until April 4th so you watch them at your own pace. The class recordings are not included in drop ins so make sure to join and become a member!

Plus, the Aerial Hammock Fundamentals Workshop is accreditted with Yoga ALliacene so if you are looking fore conitneuding education credit, you can recevive a certifiation for that. 

If I am a beginner, can I join the intermediate and advanced classes?

You are welcome to join the intermediate classes but you may need to stay in the fundamental poses while we continue to move on. For example, if we are in hip hang or monkey pose and continue on to more intermediate movements, you would stay in that fundamental pose with yogic breaths then join us again when you can.

I would not like to be a March Member. Can I still participate in an online class?

Yes! An Aerial Yoga class drop in is $15 and an Aerial Arts class drop in is $20. Additionally, you can also join just the Aerial Fundamentals Workshop for $30. We recommend taking the workshop because it is accredited with Yoga Alliance and can count for 2 hours for your CE. 

*The class recordings are not included in your drop in purchase. You must be a March member to view the recordings or purchase the video separately.* 

If I am an advanced  level, why should I take the beginners class?

I will answer this question with a quote from the Netflix show "Cobra Kai" from season 4, episode 7. 

Daniel LaRusso -- "I’m not gonna lie to you, Anthony.  Learning “karate” isn’t easy.  It takes a lot of work. But listen, think of it like a video game. It might not be as exciting level one then you’re learning the controls, but the more you play, the more skills you get, and before you know it, level 12.  You’re hooked. Plus I’ll give you some of the cheat codes along the way. Come on. :"

How do I book an online class?

Click on Book Online. Click on the online class that you are looking for. Then choose the date and time on the calendar and proceed to checkout.

I am a March Member. How do I register for online classes?

Even though you a March Member, to join an online class, you will have to register EVERY time you wish to take the class. You can register by following the book online link and by choosing the date and time of the class.

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